The Sunset Cause, or Now You Know What I Did Over Summer


Towards the end of last year, a friend volunteered me into an interesting project being run for the 2015 Bloomsbury Festival in London.

Before Sunset/After Sunrise is a one-on-one performance devised by Marina Hanganu, where participants in London have a video conferencing call with a performer somewhere in the world where sunset is about to occur. The performer and participant then explore facets of sunlight and time in their respective cities, synchronising a journey of following the progress of the natural light towards sunset.

Performers were based in the USA, Poland, and Romania, while muggins myself took care of the Southern Hemisphere in Perth, Western Australia. See here for the trailer:

All in all, it was a rip-roaring success, with hopefully further performances at Art Festivals in the future.

It was a fun experience to participate in. One, I have a far greater respect for tour guides who can smoothly reel off memorised spiels.

"What light in yonder windo- argh! My eyes! My eyes!"

Well Met by Sunlight


Secondly, it’s quite amazing to consider where our technology is at, whereby two people can synchronise video of their footsteps at opposite ends of the earth just by smartphone, and we just accept it as normal.

A bazillion jellyfish just out of picture, under the water

How’s the serenity?

In a roundabout kind of way. (c) Dad Jokes Inc.

Light, a camera, and action.

Power bill not pictured

Bright lights, Big-ish City


Thirdly, some of my photography skills suggest I should probably stick to writing.





But most of all, in scouting for locations where light played off buildings and surfaces in interesting, you get to view your city in a different perspective, and appreciate its visual beauty.



Except for the Perth Belltower it seems. Consensus from various UK folk seemed to conclude it resembled the back end of an armadillo burrowing for cover.

Once you see it, you can't un-see it

Some Perth architecture burrowing for worms the other day

I’ve accordingly notified the Perth Tourist Board with their feedback.



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