Don’t Look Back in Langour … introducing One Night One Day


Things in the mirror may be closer than you think … as close as August 9 2018, in fact.

It all started with a simple little update due to smartphones.

An old one-act play needed a buff and polish. Mobile phone messages were an integral part of its premise, and the subsequent emergence of smartphones now rendered things a little “quaint”. So I started to tinker…


“I like your old stuff better than your – … actually, what is all this crap?”

Fortunately, not in a George Lucas sort of fiddling about, sticking garish new tech onto old glories.

In fact, there was actually a plot hole that thankfully no one noticed: A character is bombarded with SMSs, such that she can’t find the original message. Back in the days of old-school Nokias, you’d just go to Sent Messages and there it would be. Nowadays, smartphone conversation threads require you to swish waaaaayyyy way back to the start. Plot hole fixed! Serendipity! Hooray for progress!


Inspiration … as easy as falling off a log

While at it, I fixed up some dialogue that annoyed me …

… Then a few trims for pacing.

… And culled some pop culture jokes that were somewhat of-their-time.

… And replaced some speechy bits that burned with the fire of misguided youth.

Then, having got back into the minds of the characters, the occasional idea popped up. A few new lines. Some “what-if” potential plot directions. More lines. More potential…

Back during the play’s original run, punters commonly asked “But what happened next?”, to which my answer was “Meh, who cares?” and “Do we need to know?”

But, a seed of an idea did sprout between complimentary pre-show and post-show sherries. And now, years later, during a blatant bit of procrastination while “ruminating” over my play Spd D8n, the seed sprouted…

… culminating in “One Night One Day”, which makes its debut tomorrow night, as a Blak Yak Theatre production, directed by Dr Melissa Merchant.

Ellin Sears, left, Joel Sammels, Sjaan Lucas and Jarrod Buttery. Picture: Michael McAllan

What’s it like? Beats me.

Melissa has studiously kept me away, so I’ll be as surprised as anyone else attending opening night. More so, given my tendency to forget what I’ve written after handing it in.

For those who saw the original incarnation as One Night Stand Off a decade ago, there’s quite a bit different, besides a much *much* better title. Hopefully not the afore-mentioned George Lucas sort of “different”, but a slicker, funnier, and more surprising different. And a whole second half that now finally does answer the question “So what did happen next?”

With bonus “Potential for nudity”, far beyond what I subjected myself to playing “Greg” ten years ago.

So, chookas to the cast, crew and Dr Merchant. I look forward to seeing the end result!

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