Spd D8n 

How much can you learn about a person in 4 minutes? 

Presented by Blak Yak theatre

At an evening of speed dating at a local pub, five singles consider the question – how much can you really learn about someone in 4 minutes? Ahead of them is a night of hope, hell, and free Cosmopolitans. And maybe the chance to find what they didn’t know they were looking for.

Directed by Therese Cruise

Written by Martin Lindsay

Playing August 3 – 6, and 10 – 13 at the Shenton Park Community Centre.

Genre: Comedy
Period: Contemporary
Place: Australia – Pub Function Room

Length: app. 90 min
Characters: M2 F3 (2 non-speaking minor roles)
Warnings: Adult themes, strong language, sexual themes

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