Diary of a Play #6: In the Name of the Palaver

And lo, the Facebook event did go up.

And lo, the good people did look upon their screens.

And they were hence to say “… oh”, then scrolled to the next item on their newsfeeds.

But hey ho, here it is at last …


For those coming in late … and I mean, come on, it’s part 6 now:
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Therese Cruise is taking on directing duties, in the salubrious facilities of a newly refurbished theatre in Shenton Park.

Deets are available at:


or the book of faces:


It’s all ages away yet, with plenty of marketing and fun stuff to come.

Now, just in case the media don’t come beating upon my door, here’s an interview I recorded earlier with myself and a rather nice glass of wine.

Q: So, “Spd D8n”. How did that name come about? Random placement of Scrabble tiles?

A: … You don’t get a number eight tile in Scrabble.

Q: That’s the last time I buy a board game cheap on eBay.

… and I’m hoping you won’t judge my handwriting

A: I figured the play couldn’t be called “Speed Dating”, or else you risked a whole bunch of people turning up expecting to find love via a strictly managed dating format, then instead get a dodgy bit of independent theatre. And hey, art.

Q: Can audience members still expect to find love if they come along?

A: Hang about the bar after the show, theatre types are notoriously easy.

Q: Where did the idea for the play come from?

A: Ages ago, I blagged a free ticket to a speed dating night due to a dire shortage of guys. It sounded like a laugh, then the idea of just four minutes at a time to learn about a person struck me as an interesting concept for a play.

Q: Does this happen each time you go out somewhere?

A: Pretty much. Stay tuned for “I’m Just Popping Down to the Shops – the Musical”.

Q: I don’t think I will.

Hipster speed dating – ironic, but lonely

A: Fair enough. So I went along, percolating this vague idea, then proceeded to have a whole bunch of odd conversations and encounters. From there, five characters began to take shape.

Q: Did you pick up?

A: Is that relevant? We’re talking about the play.

Q: I think we can take that as a “no”.

A: I started on my merry writing way, but eventually got stuck. Luckily, the same group was desperately short of guys again so I blagged another free entry. And this time, some really odd stuff happened.

Q: Pick up?

A: Nup.

Q: Dammmmnn, dude. Lift yo’ game.

Miguel’s lyrics were bad, but all the girls complimented his fingering technique

A: Combining these new encounters along with anecdotes from friends, and some blatant eavesdropping when my local pub hosted a few speed dating nights, the rest of the play worked itself out from there.

Q: And that’s when you approached Blak Yak to put the show on.

A: Pretty much, yup.

Q: And then you faffed about on it for twelve odd months, continually promising them it was nearly ready.

A: Pretty much, yup.

Q: But now it’s written?

So much in common already … including poor dress sense

A: Pretty much, yup.

Q: Really written?

A: I’ve taken a break from it, so as to have fresh-eyed edit and tidy, along with any initial feedback from the director, and my own brutally critical opinion of everything that I write. Including letters to the milkman.

Q: But it is *actually* written? I’m not asking for myself, but for certain theatre committee members who have just booked a theatre and started publicising it.

A: It’s really very nearly ready.

Q: Are you lying?

A: … no.

(Interview ended at 11:23 pm, after a long doubtful stare between both parties)

Next time: Scripts! Actors! Drinks! Nibblies! The read-thru approacheth …

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