Legends in our own Lunchtimes

Writing in the park

“Ah, how’s the serenity.”

I’ve recently rediscovered the joy of lunchtime writing, and wonder why I’ve let the habit slip for so long.

Okay, unbearable summer heat for one.

And scootling about on frenetic lunchtime errands so as to free myself for quality lazing about time later in the evening.


And more recently, I’ve been nipping home to see what my two newly acquired kittens have destroyed.

Kittens - 3, Tech - nil

Kittens vs Technology

    Current tally:

  • a standing mirror
  • a house plant
  • a few of my daughter’s craft ornaments from school
  • any stray piece of paper
  • anything on a surface that apparently shouldn’t be there
  • three USB cables
  • very nearly a lava lamp
  • very nearly a guitar.

    A hard day's carnage really takes it out of you

    Like butter wouldn’t melt …

But lately, the weather has been lovely, I needed to keep up my step count for the Global Corporate Challenge that I was silly enough to do again, and my work is just across the road from King’s Park, a location perk to be taken advantage of as much as possible.

What, no boot campers?

The Orbit Bench-o-rama 2000

Admittedly, it’s a struggle to claim a park bench that boot campers aren’t doing push-ups on. And seriously, who needs expensive home gym equipment? Just steal a park bench, it apparently provides everything the average fitness junkie needs. *

*Note: The author does not in any way encourage the stealing of park benches

And admittedly, you do get quite guilty turfing a tramp off his bed in order to do a bit of editing. **

**Note: The author does not in any way encourage the pitching of tramps off park benches

But otherwise it’s a really relaxing way to squeeze a productive bit of writing in the normal day job. Heck, I’ve knocked out a short play over the course of a few lunch breaks, and a writing group pal largely wrote a novel across a year’s worth of lunchtimes.

It’s a natural time limit, so there’s an urge to get something done in the little time available. Doubly so, if working on a knackered old laptop with a battery life of an hour, at best.

And I find a nice little productive period in the air gives a bit of momentum early in the day, rather than the groan of finding writing energy on getting home in the evening.

We discussed the topic of writing location at a recent Perth Writer’s Forum group meeting, and slinking off on lunchtime writing bursts generated interest as a strategy to squeeze a few extra minutes of writing in a busy day. As well as a great way to mess with tramps. ***

***Note: The author does not in any way … look, c’mon already people, what are you, sheep?
And there went lunchtime ....

Or frankly, just catch up on some zzz’s.

(Shortly after drafting this blog, the author was caught by a winter rain shower and spent half an hour under a tree, huddling his laptop for its dear life. He takes it all back about the lovely weather)

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