Happening Things

So what’s been happening in these alledged busy past few months?

First off the bat, I snavelled runner-up in the Australian division of the Reader’s Digest 100 Word Story Competition. steak knivesIt’ll be in the April 2014 edition, coming to a supermarket shelf near you soon. Only a quick read, so chances are you could flick through a copy in the checkout queue if of a devilish anti-consumerist nature. Another couple of stories will be published in the Short and Twisted 2014 collection in a few months time.

100 word stories have become quite a quest of late, and a blog topic to come.

Next up, “Couch”, a short play I wrote some time ago but never quite found a home for, has made the finalists for the Eltham Little Theatre’s annual 10 Minute Quickies competition. It goes off to a local director to cast and put on for a May run of performances. Best of luck to the production, and apologies to the actors concerned for some of the more athletic stage directions.

And after a successful preview night to a Perth test audience a few weeks ago, the collaborative comedy monologue/burlesque “Lock-In Love” has premiered at the Adelaide Fringe Festival. A bit of Adelaide I probably wandered past

We’re somewhat stuck with the name “Floozy with a Heart” thanks to some early marketing, but that’s life. I popped over to see it kick off its run, having never visited Adelaide despite the existence of the Barossa Valley. After Adelaide, Chrissy Jo takes it to the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

The things we do to blatantly avoid promised manuscript edit deadlines.

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1 Response to Happening Things

  1. marlish glorie says:

    Yep, about the worse case of commitment-to -edit-manuscript anxiety I’ve ever seen. Just wondering what avoidance tactics you’ll be using next, Martin. A trip to the Ghana fringe festival? Bikini Atoll?

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