Ah, How’s the Irony

So, you start a blog about being time poor, then haplessly allow yourself to be swept aside by life to ever update it.

Admittedly, I’ve come close to actually posting, but that’s a little like coming close to dieting by thinking about how many calories would be avoided by not having the choc chip muffin, then scoffing it down all the same.

Mmm muffins

Mmm. Yum yum.

And my excuses are reasonably good. Becoming a home-owner and the sheer nonsense entailed there, for one thing. And … lots of other stuff, to name a few more.

Anyway, a couple of additions to the website, a vow to work out tags and categories properly, and a plan to post more regularly and be more social media’ry in general.

And here’s a posting by Elizabeth Spann Craig I read a while ago which neatly encapsulates some of the things I was likely to waffle on about in far more tedious fashion:

Tips for Writing in Short Blocks of Time

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