In February 2013, The Kitchen Sink Collective made their début at the Perth Fringe Festival, where they invited 6 Australian playwrights to collaborate on the project, Lifted!

The writers were given the brief: write a 10-minute play that includes a lift in the Bankwest Tower and a bunch of flowers. These simple instructions inspired a quirky and exciting collection of short plays which were  presented as one truly ‘lifting’ production.

Lifted formed an amazing synergy of talented actors, directors, writers and performance makers, that highlights the dynamic between scripted work and the spontaneity of improvisation explored during the rehearsal process. This startling production that the Kitchen Sink Collective brings to the Perth Fringe 2013 will uplift and inspire you… to take the stairs!

Directors: Gabrielle Metcalf, Shane Pike and Soseh Yekanians

Playwrights: Alex Broun, Dawn Murray, Geoff Dobson, Martin Lindsay, Peter Mooney and Tse-Yee Teh

Cast: Tamiah Bantum, Barnaby Pollack, Meagan Taylor, Marc Ricov, Hannah Price, Michael Sanderson-Green, Thomas Owen, Soseh Yekanians, Talei Howell-Price, Nancy De Lucia, Simon Haydock, Hermione Gehle, Zebadiah Melvin, Gabrielle Metcalf and Helen Doig

Set Design: Patrick Howe

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