seachangeIt’s been a funny old few months.

Sudden – though not totally unexpected – career change occurred on the day job, which allows me a much-longed-for break to focus on writing.


Now marching to a different tune

It has meant a wholesale rearrangement of priorities.

Before, I was pootling along quite comfortably, writing in lunch breaks and evenings, and casually “focusing” on a play.

Now I’m suddenly time-rich, but on a stricter budget and wondering what’s ahead.



The current plan as it stands

Plans … and I have lots of them …  that have been languishing as pipedreams are now ripe for tackling.

But the emphasis is on the returns that the various projects can bring – financially preferrably, but also in terms of long term benefit, not just for lovely warm glows in the tummy.

After years of wishing for it, I now find myself needing to put talk into action. Gulp!

One upshot – I can blog a bit more frequently, and apply some TLC on the website.

As such, a couple of new sections have been added:

  • Books which has two self-publishing projects in target. More on those later…
  • Writing/Editing Services is the biggy, as I embark on monetising my grammar nazi tendencies, reacquaint myself with technical writing, and expand into other freelance writer-for-hire avenues. The destination website is still a work in progress, but goes “live” once the ABN and business name is sorted.

So, I’m living the dream writing-wise, in an opportunity that comes along rarely, if at all.

Now to make it actually work…

What could possibly go wrong ...

What could possibly go wrong? …

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