Ah yes, that regular blogging thing…

Well, stuff has been happening. The 10 minute plays at Eltham Theatre was a success, and they very kindly sent me a DVD of the performances and various other mementos. I’ll endeavour to wrangle my video editing skills to put on a quick excerpt at some stage, which will up the multimedia quotient of this blog to almost 20th century level.

In other developments, I was pleasantly surprised to be informed I’d won the Joe O’Sullivan Writer’s Prize, a short story competition I’d pretty much forgotten I’d entered (one of the benefits of submitting stuff then moving straight onto the next thing). Should be published in the Australian Irish Heritage Association magazine The Journal before long. There was talk of doing a radio interview at some stage, so in what is now becoming a multimedia frenzy, I’ll see if I can pop an excerpt on the blog if that eventuates.


Multimedia frenzies. Coming to a confusing mirrorball near you …

A number of projects are in the offing. I’m involved in a group publishing “thing” that we’re hoping will become an ongoing outlet for Western Australian writers. More on that once a website eventuates and we go into blatant self-promotion mode.

Also, I’m collating a number of short stories for a planned e-book. Taking the getting-stuff-done advice from Chuck Wendig about putting it out there, I’ve been working away at a self-publishing project for the past year. Unless my procrastination glands successfully convince me to learn how to cartoon first, so as to have some illustrations in there. We’ll see. I’ll no doubt blog about the process, the hurdles, the tears, etc as things take shape.

The Perth Fringe Festival? You’re doing it wrong.

And I’ll likely be taking the plunge back into theatre next year, after a friend bemoaned how little there was to audition for lately. I suggested we do one of my plays for the upcoming Perth Fringe Festival, then had a look at some half-done script I’d gone “meh” about, thought up a couple of new bits and it burst back into life.

Bit late for Perth Fringe entry, plus it’s hard to approach venues and stuff when unsure if we’re talking an hour or full-length play … sorta have to finish it first to see what it turns out to be.

Using the above couple of projects as an opportunity to learn how to use my recent purchase of Scrivener, given both are proving to be organisational and structure nightmares. Along with importing the ever-deferred novel manuscript, and the skeleton of the next one. Okay, all I’ve done so far is set pretty colours for different character POVs per chapter, but it does make it all look very snazzy, and that’s half the battle of getting myself motivated.

Enough already.

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