The Time-Poor Writer

So, the intent to write, but not much free time to do it in the barrage of busy-ness of day-to-day life. Some of our own making, some unavoidable.

In my case, a full-time job, part-time parent, and some semblance of a social life in which to have adventures that might give experiences to write about.

Also, the ever-present lures of procrastination: there’s an entire Internet to surf, tv series box sets to slog through, idle whimsies to indulge, navels to contemplate.

So how to fit in productive pursuance of writing in the scant gaps that exist?

Various writing advice tomes suggest that in order to be a *real* writer, writing should be the priority. All well and good for the sweeping romantic vision of casting all aside to work your latest opus.

But living in squalor, etching in sweat with a stolen chicken feather because you can’t afford ink, while a dutiful spouse supports you through thick and thin? That’s just not practical in the modern world. And there’s no fun having your kids release tell-all biographies in later years about your neglect in pursuit of fame. Especially if they go on to sell more copies than you do.

So, in the face of busy commitment-drenched lives, the goal is to write in the gaps. Maximising opportunities to get something down when opportunities arise. Avoiding the time sinks and wasteful distractions.

How to do it? Beats me.

But I’m interested in life-hacking ideas or techniques that may help get the odd word down from time to time. Some might work, or be made to work with tinkering, whether for me or for others.

And at the very least, the blog will allow me more sweet sweet procrastination and deferral of whatever it is I should be otherwise working on.

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